Friday, July 15, 2011

Everything looked so different that I didn't know where to begin

I haven't felt like blogging lately and then when I finally thought I had something to say, the whole Blogger Layout had been changed.  I hate changes!  It's just too much work to have to try to relearn how to blog all over again.  So I'm just going to write like it's my first time here on Blogger and I guess I'll get used to the changes...after all, I did get used to the last set of changes and grew to like them.

One thing that I am having trouble with is when I load one picture in and then want to write something under or beside it.  Blogger doesn't always allow me to do that and perhaps I should write what I have to say first and then insert the picture last.  There's a problem with that because when I blog it's the picture that I've uploaded and am looking at that gives me my inspiration.  I never write a blog first somewhere else and then post it here.  The original writing and thoughts are composed right here on this page, and that's why so many of my posts sound more like incoherent ramblings or rantings.

Let's talk about today....  The day has been absolutely gorgeous with a heavy rain shower inserted just for effect and the temperature hovering at 82 degrees for most of the day.  Jimmy and I have been running all day long today.  Our day started early with having to take the jeep in to Robert, our mechanic, by 7:30 a.m. to have him repair the brakes.  While waiting, we went to Dairy Queen for breakfast and then at 1:00 p.m. we met with a gentleman who checked Jimmy's pacemaker, followed by Betsy Dr. O'Reilly's nurse who did an EKG on Jimmy.  When all the results were compiled, Dr. O'Reilly came in to give Jimmy more good news....he didn't have to come back for 3 months, and told Jimmy to go ahead and take that extended vacation that he's been dreaming about.  He told him not to worry about hauling that bedside heart monitor around with him and not to worry about anything and just to have a good time.

Next we popped in to see how Robert is coming along with the jeep and the jeep is finished, but because of the sudden rainstorm it's blocked in by a very nice looking shiny black car with both front wheels and rotors removed.  We can't pick up the jeep until this car is fixed.  No big deal, it's after 2:00 p.m. so we'll just go kill more time by eating an early supper.

The jeep is still trapped when we buzz by there again, so we pay our bill and go visit Matt for a while.  His iPhone had crashed and locked up, just like computers sometimes do, and he was busy trying to get it back online.  We could clearly see that it wasn't a very good time for a visit from the grandparents, but Matt was polite and sat down and visited with us anyway.  We didn't stay long because I know what it's like to be meticulously working on solving a problem and then suddenly have to stop to entertain.  By this time our jeep was ready and now so was Jimmy's motorcycle which was in another town.  Talk about hustle.

We're back home and everything with broken brakes is fixed.  It sounds like a boring day doesn't it?  Well it wasn't because Jimmy and I have fun doing whatever it is we have to do together, and nothing ever seems boring.

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