Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How we spend our days

Today I ran an errand to Richmond on my bike.  I had to take my CPAP machine in to be re-calibrated.  I don't usually run errands that way, but it was such a pretty morning that I thought, why not?  Jimmy runs errands on his bike all the time, so why shouldn't I? We left really early while it was still cool out.
 After I took my machine back home, we decided to go riding for fun.  We've been riding every day now that it's cooled down a bit and I'm beginning to enjoy some of the old roads that we haven't been on in a while.  I sort of forgot how beautiful Kentucky is and all the shady, winding roads we have to ride on.  I'm also trying to build up my stamina for that long ride we may take soon.
 We like to stop at State Parks or shady areas to rest every once in a while, and the cost of spending the night in one of those parks is something we like to do as much as we can, because the price is about the same, there's not that much difference, but the scenery is by far much better in a State Park.
Jimmy and I drive more now than we ever did going back and forth to work everyday, but this isn't driving, it's riding and there's a big difference.  Riding is for fun and we go to out of the way places.  Just the other day Brian led us on a very beautiful ride.  Brian, as well as Jimmy, know all the beautiful scenic roads which I'm just learning to find.  As a passenger for several years I didn't pay much attention where we were going.  I just sat on the back seat and enjoyed the ride, but now Jimmy lets me lead the way and I have to pay attention and always be aware of my surroundings in every direction, and I have to know how to get back home even though on some days I'd like to just keep riding and not go back home at all.

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