Sunday, August 28, 2011

Matt and Tori's Baby Shower

According to Matt, his baby's clothes are not complete
without a set of camo's, and it looks like he got his wish
from his mom (Suzanne).
Yesterday (Aug. 27, 2011)  family & friends gathered together to celebrate the upcoming birth of a new child into this family in just a few short weeks by my grandson Matt & Tori.  Stacey Lester was our hostess who was the one responsible for hosting Matt & Tori's Baby Shower.  Stacey is married, a young mother of two small children and currently enrolled as a nursing student at EKU, but even with her very busy and hectic schedule she managed to make everyone happy yesterday with a wonderful  and fun Baby Shower.  Below are some of the pictures that were taken at the baby shower.

Matt and Tori

Tori's baby bump is getting really big now.
None of us can wait to see that cute little
bundle of joy she is carrying.

Oh, look!
A gift from Grandma and Grandpa Wallace

Matt and Tori have been married for almost
7 years and this is their first baby.
Now do you understand why we are all so excited!

Everyone, including me, had a hand in preparing the food,
but Stacey's husband out did himself with some very
delicious dishes.

That's Stacey reaching over to cut the cake

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