Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandchildren

Happy Birthday Doug!

Happy Birthday Thalia!

Doug's Special UK Wildcats Birthday Cake

Doug, Tanner and Doug's other grandmother Delores

Brian and Reva lighting the trick birthday candles:)
Too bad about his wish since he couldn't get all his candles
to stay blown out:(

No matter how hard he tried,
the candles just wouldn't go out completely.
Reva spent all afternoon cooking Doug's favorite meal, so all of us enjoyed a REALLY GREAT homemade meal before we all sat down to watch Doug open his gifts and then we had Birthday cake and ice cream for dessert.  I love getting together with family and it seems like we have so many occasions to do so lately.  So thankful for having such a close family, and not just by proximity to each other, but close in every way.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah I love getting together too!

thank you for helping me with the cake and ice cream I really appreciated it!

Happy Birthday to my sweet son Doug!
And Happy Birthday to Thalia!

Love you all, Reva and Brian and family