Saturday, September 17, 2011

Family Night

Last night around 6:45 p.m. we all started gathering around in a field across the street from Berea Community School.  We all brought enough snacks to share with each other and Jimmy bought everyone hot cocoa to drink from a nearby Hot Cocoa stand.  We had thought about making hot cocoa to bring along with us, but we didn't have a thermos large enough for our group. I think this is what I'm going to ask Jimmy to get me for my birthday this year if I remember :)  That way I can always bring hot cocoa or hot coffee (we may need two thermos') to all of our fall and winter gatherings with the family (and I hope there will be many :).

I guess you're wondering why we all gathered in a field.  It was just to watch some balloonist put together their hot air balloons and get them ready for this morning when they would actually fly them around for the Annual Berea Spoon Bread Festival.   Last night they were just firing them up and making sure they were fine and in working order.  Below are some pictures that Jimmy, Sharon and I took. To see more picture you can CLICK HERE.

Brandon ALWAYS has hugs for everyone.
Here he is just hugging his mom because he just felt like it!
We're so proud of Brandon and the young man that he
has become.

In attendance last night were:  James, Megan and Myles Malear,
Sharon Walker, Suzanne and Ray Powell, Brian, Reva and
Brandon Hatcher,  Makayla, and Jimmy and Sandy Wallace.

 As a family, we are close and we love getting together for any reason we can come up with.  Life's too short to waste, so get out there and visit your family as often as you can.  xoxoxoxoxoxoxox


allison said...

love you guys...looks like a great cocoa sounds so good

Anonymous said...

We hope we do more things like this too. It is so nice to get with your family and just enjoy each other's company. We loved it! and We love you all!

Brian and Reva and family

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Reva, I think you meant to say that it is so nice to get with OUR family (which is also YOUR family now and has been for several years.)
Love all of you too!!!!!
PS...there is the Thanksgiving/Christmas parade coming up and maybe just some nights (or days) to get together for no apparent reason, than just to drink hot cocoa and eat some snacks, :))

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Wish you and the kids could join us for family nights too Allison. Jimmy got me a gallon jug so that I can bring hot cocoa to family nights :)) He's so sweet.