Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lazy Saturday Afternoon

Yesterday we met Ron and Linda in Lexington for a late lunch, or early supper, whatever you'd like to call it.  It was nice seeing them again.  Ron has been busy moving and yesterday was his last day in his Red Lick home in the hills of Kentucky.  We're really going to miss him, but he's exactly where he wants to be and he's really not too far from us at all.  

While waiting for Ron and Linda to run an errand, Jimmy took this picture of me in the parking lot of the restaurant.


Every since Jimmy has been carrying my Sony camera around with him, he surprises me by taking my picture all the time.  I guess it's payback for all those times I was always snapping pictures of him and putting them on Facebook or my blog without his knowledge or his consent.  Of course I do have the option of choosing which pictures I'll let you see, hahaha, and you won't see me in a hospital gown, without my teeth in and sick :)) 

We had a very nice visit with Ron and Linda but they were in a hurry to get back home because of their pets so we had to cut our visit short.  We didn't even get to take any pictures of them :(

Later in the day Princess and I sat outside in the sunshine.  She loves sitting in the sun these days.



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Merle said...

Dear Sandy ~~ Happy Birthday my friend. I hope you are having a great day. Also I hope your Princess gets well... lovely cat.
Jimmy has a good subject to take photos of. You look so well and so nice. Being happy helps I'm sure.
Take care and have a lovely day.
Love, Merle.