Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Getting together with Ron & Linda

Yesterday and today were almost identical days as far as beautiful weather goes.  On both days the temps were in the 70's f. and for November days, that's just about as nice as it can get.  The fall colors are leaving fast with some trees looking bare and naked already.

Our Burning Bush is looking mighty pretty
and so is that bamboo next to it.

This is where I keep my motorcycle.
It has it's own special building :)

Today Ron and Linda rode up and we joined them for a mid-afternoon meal at Olive Garden.  I finally got to use those 2 Olive Garden Gift Cards that they so graciously gave me for my birthday.  Of course we had to twist Ron's arm as usual, because he didn't want me to spend the gift cards on him :)    
Linda, Ron and Jimmy
Sandy, Linda and Ron

Sandy, Linda and Ron

 See how pretty the day is?  It was just a beautiful day to ride and we loved seeing both Ron and Linda again.  I hope that we have some more pretty November days so that we can do more riding.

While waiting for them to arrive, Jimmy and I rode on several narrow country roads and I was surprised to see some of the changes that had occurred in such a short time.  New homes had been built, where none existed before.  We even stopped and voted, because I hope everyone knew that today was election day in our state.

Here Linda is coating up for the long ride home.  It'll be cold by the time they reach their house and possibly dark too.  They're safe riders, so I know that they'll have a safe ride home.

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