Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hard times never hurt anyone

It's sunny and 57 degrees here in Berea, Kentucky with an expected high of a cool 61 degrees.  Sixty-one degrees in the Springtime is much warmer than 61 degrees in the fall.  In the Spring the air is much softer and it feels good and warm after going through the cold winter months.  Today is not a day that I'd like to go riding in and besides that, it's windy out.

I'm listening to all types music right now from classic rock to rap to opera, and lets not forget my favorite kind since I married Jimmy, and that's country music.  It's one of my favorite pastimes and I like having music in the background as I clean the house, play games on my computer, or type here.

I have a new past time since times have gotten harder and money is tight.  Guess what it is?  It's trying to come up with things to eat at home with what's on hand.  It's not bad and kind of fun.  It's like when I first got married in the 60's.  Jimmy is easy to please, always has been, and now even more so since he lost his sense of taste and smell, but he won't eat anything that he didn't like in the there goes trying to season up a piece of cardboard and passing it off as a steak.

Like I said, hard times never hurt anyone, they just make you stronger and make you appreciate what you once thought were the little, insignificant things in life that much more.

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