Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sunday Dec.17 2011 Early Christmas

On Sunday, December 17th, Peanut and Laura had their annual Christmas gathering with a wonderful feast prepared by Peanut and Laura.   
Jimmy's side of the family has grown by leaps and bounds and there was a houseful of excited little children with one more on the way in early April of 2012, thanks to Sarah & Aaron.  
Below are a few of the many pictures that Jimmy and I took.  As you know, Jimmy is getting quite comfortable using his camera and doesn't hesitate in taking it out to snap pictures when you least expect him to.  More pictures can be seen by looking in my sidebar under SANDY'S PHOTO ALBUMS
or you can just CLICK HERE to see the rest of the pictures.

Some of the Great-Grandchildren.
All of the little ones are Great-Grandchildren

Julianna loves sitting on her Papaw's lap

Peanut, our hostess, with her dad (Jimmy)

Laura our other hostess

Glen and Sandie, Jimmy's younger daughter.
(Jimmy only has two daughters)

Julianna and Kyra

Granddaughter Valerie with husband Jimmy.
Their daughter is Lillian.

Lillian, Peanut and Noah.
Lillian is Valerie and Jimmy's daughter.


 with her brother Dylan in the background

Jimmy with his Granddaughter Valerie and Daughter Sandie

Kyra and Dylan getting help from their mother Erica.
Erica is a Granddaughter

Aaron and Granddaughter Sarah.
Sarah is expecting in April and they are also the parents
of Juliana.

The kids playing with their Christmas Gifts

Peanut, with the help of her grandson Noah,
handing out Christmas gifts

Laura with Eli, who is Stephanie's baby.
Steph has two children, Noah and Eli.  

Valerie and Stephanie

Sandie, Dylan, Jimmy, Erica

Glen relaxing by the Christmas Tree

Stephanie with her baby Eli

So we can take your pictures.
(You see how that went over, Lol)

Noah having a chat with his Great-Papaw.
Noah is 3 yrs. old and knows how to do sign language.

Noah loves black olives

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