Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Day of Surprises

As Ron and Linda were passing through they called and treated us to a buffet meal at Ryan's today.  I think I forgot to say THANK YOU when they left and I'm so sorry about that.  My mind was pre-occupied on something else that I forgot my manners, but Jimmy and I want to thank you two very much for the meal and for your company.  We always love seeing you!  We also got your Christmas Card this afternoon after we got home and YES! it will be wonderful having you here to enjoy Christmas Day with us.

All four of us got another treat at Ryan's when Sharon and Scott dropped in to say hello.  They were across the main road at the movies when they found out that Ron and Linda were still at Ryan's when the movie let out.  Sharon and Scott refused to eat, but at least they stayed and visited until we finished our meal.

And of course Jimmy jumped up and surprised everyone by taking a couple of pictures of us.  He would have taken more but the battery died on his camera.

Did I mention that I put up my Christmas decorations sometime last week?  I got inspired when Suzanne walked in the door with her small 3 foot fiber-optic Christmas Tree and said, "Where do you want me to put it mom?"

My Christmas decorations aren't much but
the cats like them because they haven't knocked
any thing over or down.

And Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Moosey

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