Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jerry, We Love You

I can't believe what a beautiful day this has been.  Every day the air gets warmer and softer and today was a perfect day to ride.  The weatherman has been threatening us with rain every day, but it's not happening. I don't even see any clouds in the sky.

We're all still praying for my step-brother Jerry who is not doing well.  He's still in a coma-like condition after a relapse from his initial stroke.  Jerry was doing so well in rehab, even beginning to stand up and take steps with some help from his big brother, and then he had a turn for the worse.  Jerry spoiled us with his great progress and now we want him to do it again.  We want to hear his laughter and read his facebook jokes and messages....and I want to hear his voice when he calls me just to talk.

Things are not looking well for Jerry today, with one problem after another arising.  He needs our prayers, the family needs prayers. God, if you are listening, please take care of Jerry.  Be by his side to soothe any anxieties that he might be having if he is aware of things, show yourself to him and keep him comfortable and unafraid during his time of crisis.  Watch over the family and help them cope with all the bad news that they are receiving.  Help the doctors to find a way to heal Jerry and to bring him back to his family.  In Jesus' name I pray and ask for your help.  Amen

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Alipurr said...

praying for him, too
been too long since i have caught up on reading your blog :)
love you