Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lunch with a Good Friend

Jimmy and I had a nice visit and lunch with a good blogger friend of our's last Thursday.   We met Rachel at Denny's Restaurant in Mt.Vernon, Ky  near Renfro Valley;  a good place to meet and to visit.  It rained the whole time that we were there, never letting up for an instant, so we all had a long ride back home in the rain but it was worth it seeing Rachel again.

Rachel has a very popular and enjoyable blog, Sliding Through Life.   Visit her sometime and I'm sure that you'll love her as much as we do.

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Rachel said...

Ahhh....aren't you just the sweetest thing!!! I so enjoyed seeing you and Jimmy. I think you two are just the sweetest nicest folks ever!!! Thanks so much for everything. We'll have to do it again sometime.

Can you believe this warm weather!! Perfect for riding if you can miss the intermittent thunderstorms. Hugs!!