Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sunny and Hot

We've had a busy week so far with a visit from Valerie and Lillian, Peanut and Laura, Ron and Linda, Jimmy getting in a lot of riding in between doctor's appointments, and The Power of Maroon Day at Eastern Kentucky University today.....and the weeks not over yet either:  I'm still expecting to hear from the Hatcher's sometime soon.  Junior/Senior Prom night is fast approaching for Brandon and Jessi, and we gotta go check out the tuxes.

Here are a some Maroon Day pictures that I took today.  My granddaughter Megan and three of her classmates are the Founders of The Power of Maroon Day and I'm so proud of her and her friends for all the work they put into a very successful day.  We all had fun there, and there were a lot of freebies being given away, and also lots of merchants gave out discounts.  Although my t-shirt wasn't maroon, it did have the EKU logo on it.  Megan's grandpa Jim Hatcher was an EKU alumnus, I also attended EKU and Megan will soon be graduating from there this May.

There's our Megan in the center!

Sharon trying to win free food, but all she got was
one of those little cows.  I won a football for Myles.
Sharon by the end of the day did walk away with
two of their free food coupons, and then when we got
home she got a call that she won the ticket drawing
which was a very nice prize.
Some people have all the luck!

Megan was interviewed again for the umpteenth time.
I missed all her TV interviews :(

There was even a cow present urging everyone to
eat chicken :)

I wonder why James is looking up in the sky
to the right of Jennifer and Sharon?

Megan and her daddy

Little did she know that she would win the prize.....

The day was HOT, so there was free water too!

Megan and her baby

James letting Myles hold his balloon 

Jen, Zac, Myles and Megan

Megan giving away free cookies
and some of the best chocolate chip
cookies that I've tasted in a while.
I wonder where she got them?

Zac, Myles and Jen at the chicken booth.
It was a hit with most everyone cause
everyone likes to spin the wheel and see
what they get.  Everyone got a prize of
some couldn't lose.
Myles even got to spin the wheel and
he won a football for his little cousin

 To see more pictures of The Power of Maroon Day click here.

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