Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

I want to thank my children and grandchildren who made my Mother's Day a special day for me, and I hope that everyone spent the day with those they love.  I received some very thoughtful and heartfelt gifts which I love.  Suzanne made me a very special DVD,with her video camera of Carson, wrote me a letter and gave me a hummingbird house and some candy. Brian is concerned about my back, and to make my chores around the house easy and pain-free they (Brian & Reva) gave me one of those dust pans that have a long pole handle.  No bending down with the old dust pan anymore.  They also each wrote me special notes and I will cherish every word they wrote.  Reva writes me sweet notes all the time and to me, she is like a daughter to me.  Sharon couldn't be here today but she sent me a beautiful flowering plant. Sandie, with the help of Glen I suspect, picked me two large vases full of her own home grown beautiful flowers for Mother's Day.  I want to thank the grandchildren who called or sent me Mother's Day wishes.  I even got sung to over the phone, so sweet!  The day ended with a trip to Papaleno's where we ate supper around 5:30 p.m.  


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