Friday, May 17, 2013


It's Friday and we are ready for our two morning appointments.  Jimmy has one and Princess, our cat, has one of her usual Monday, Friday appointments at the vets office.

Yesterday was a free day with absolutely no appointments of any kind and it was a very nice day.  It was supposed to rain but it didn't.  Today is looking the same as far as rain goes.

Saturday there is no reprieve as Jimmy has a Saturday appointment with his Pulmonary Care doctor to possibly have some fluid drained from one of his lungs.  This should allow Jimmy to breathe better.  It seems as though Jimmy is not getting out of breath as much as he was since he got out of the hospital though.  Jimmy is also eating again and we can't seen to keep enough food around for him to eat.  It's good to see his appetite is back with the help of some liquid called Megace.  Eating also has a lot to do with him feeling better too because we all have to refuel our bodies on a regular basis to keep our energy level up.

Sunday will be our day of rest before the start of another busy week of more testing for Jimmy.  I hope that your days are filled as much as ours, but fill them with outings and visits with family and friends.  Jimmy and I are so blessed to have family all around us and we do appreciate all the help they have offered and all the things they have done for us.  We love you all very much! And we thank you all for being there for us, and especially for Jimmy!!!!

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