Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Tonight I find myself with a few moments of my own.  It's very quiet here with no phones ringing or sounding that so familiar alert of an incoming message.  It's just nothing but quietness and a gassy little kitten laying on the couch behind me and above my shoulders.  I don't know what is worse, a gassy kitten or one that reeks of a dead bird.

The summer is just about gone and I haven't even noticed it.  The last time that I paid attention to the weather  and was busy making summer plans with Jimmy was in April, and of course everyone that I had planned on visiting has not seen me. I've missed births, numerous birthdays and one funeral but those that know us understand the circumstances.

The grape vines in our backyard were loaded with grapes this year, but they still hang there,  untouched, left there for the bees and varmints to feast on.  Every morning Jimmy would walk back to the grapes and pick bunches of grapes, and then bring them to me.  I love the sweet and sour taste of fully ripened Concord grapes.  I guess I could walk back there to pick some for Jimmy and I may do just that.  I bet he'd like that!  There isn't much he can or wants to eat these days, but maybe he will eat the grapes.

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