Friday, October 25, 2013

Another Good Week for Jimmy

I can't believe how well Jimmy is doing with his chemo.  This is week two of his fifth cycle I believe, and he is doing great with just some minor aches and a little fatigue, but that's not keeping him down, or holding him back from getting out and doing a few winter chores.

I am making sure that he keeps his distance from anyone who might show signs of being sick or who have been in the company of a sick person or child.....and so far so good.  Some of Jimmy's blood chemistry results were a little on the low side so  Jimmy knows that he cannot go up to his friends or relatives and just hug them like he is so used to doing, but the other day he forgot and hugged a cousin before he thought.  His cousin later assured him that she was not sick or had been in the company of anyone else who was not feeling well.  Several days have passed now, so I think we escaped squeaky clean and virus free :)  Some family members don't like this arrangement, but the object of the chemo is to make Jimmy well and extend his life.

The holidays are going to be hard on some family members because they love coming over for Thanksgiving Dinner, but this year we are not having a Thanksgiving Dinner at our house because Jimmy will be having chemo the day before Thanksgiving Day if all goes as planned.  Christmas is still up in the air for us and we won't know anything about that until we get closer to Christmas.

Jimmy still has one more week of freedom from doctors appointments, blood tests or cat scans.....and of course chemo too.   He loves these moments and is enjoying every single day....
and so am I.

3 comments: said...

I am happy that good work and taking care gives both of you good health.

I understand the difficulty.
Love ya and enjoy.

Allison said...

thanks for the update....give Jimmy love and hugs from us!!

Anonymous said...

It's hard not to hug someone you love in this type situation. Sorry I always hug him when I see him. Ooppss!
Love Sharon ��