Tuesday, October 08, 2013


This has been such a relaxing day.  Jimmy has been outside for the last two days doing the normal things that he always did before.  It's nice seeing him taking interest in all the activities that he used to love doing.  There is still one thing that he isn't allowed to do yet, and that is to ride his motorcycle and he has almost stopped asking me why he can't take it out for a spin.

Of course you know that I am here at the moment writing to you, and doing one of the things I like to do while I write and that is listen to music.  My grandson Zac says that I have lots of music, but he'd be really amazed at how much music my brother Dennis has.

It got cold last night, so today I put 6 new warm fluffy cat beds out in the cat building for the cats and I put pillows and blankets in two dog houses that are raised and on a platform in another part of the yard....cats like to sleep in high places.  In the cat building the cats have shelves at different heights and they like that.  The front porch has a covered dog carrier that one, and sometimes two of the neighbors cats sleep in, so I need to wash those cat blankets too.  The cats keep us busy.   We have one strictly inside cat which is Squeak, and four cats that go in and out all day long.   We have 5 cats, but claim 6.
BUT.....we take care of many cats who are forever coming and going which to our best estimate there are 18 who have become permanent residents of our yard, plus the roaming tomcats who wander in from time to time which I am not counting.  I think we feed and care for enough cats that we should be considered a "cat shelter."

I didn't mean to sit down here and write about cats, but I did, and now that you're thoroughly bored I'll say,

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Never bored, enjoy your posts.