Friday, January 03, 2014

7 degrees and getting colder

It's so cold here that the cats don't even want to go out, except for our youngest cat who has never seen snow.  Oh, did I use the word OUR?  He's the neighbors cat and he was excited about going out, but only for about 15 - 20 minutes and now he doesn't want anything to do with the outside.  His name is Stinky Baby, or so that's what we call him.   He got thrown out of his house as a very tiny helpless kitten, so he has slept in our house every night since then.  He may visit his old home from time to time, but really, I don't know when he has the time, as he seems to always be in our house.

Jimmy and I got stranded in frigid temps yesterday when our cars battery decided to die while Jimmy was filling our car up with gas.  The wind was howling and chilled you to the bone so Jimmy couldn't wait to get back into the car to warm up, but then, the car wouldn't start.  We called out the troops and after a short wait for a jump from our son-in-law Ray we were off to Walmart to have them install a new battery.  We must have looked cold and pitiful to the head mechanic at Walmart because,  he put us in front of the line and brought us something to drink while we waited.  They are really nice there.  We are staying home today where it is warm.  The house is full of food, so why get out when we don't have to.  Hope every one of you are safe and warm, and of course healthy....and if you live somewhere hot, I'm jealous!

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