Sunday, January 05, 2014

Arctic Blast on its Way

We keep hearing and getting WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY WARNINGS on the TV, but then we go outside and it's beautiful and warm out.  It is so warm that we had to shut down the heat and open the windows...It was suffocating in here.  The skies are a pretty baby blue with scattered white wispy clouds, and it's just so hard to imagine that by tonight the snow will start falling, along with the temperatures and by morning we will be in a deep freeze.  And to add insult to injury, the weatherman says that we might get between 1-4 inches of snow too.  I just hope that we don't get an ice storm because our pretty day is supposed to change when the rain arrives, and there's only one reason that I don't especially like ice storms and that's because it knocks out the electricity, and there goes my internet.   No one is saying anything about an ice storm and that's a relief, but they are saying that by tomorrow we will have a windchill of -23 degrees.  OUCH!!!

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