Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I never wanted to be a nagging wife

I'm having a hard time getting Jimmy to eat.  He eats like a mouse anyway and since he can't smell or taste, everything tastes about as good as cardboard would taste to you.  He always loved pears, so I bought him some of those good pears and he won't eat any of them on his own.  I can get him to share one with me if I sit down next to him and feed him slices of the pear alternately with me, but he won't get one of his own to eat.  I really worry about him.  I've been cooking small amounts of food every day and he eats a few spoonfuls and says that he's full.  He's drinking his Ensure, but I sure wish that he would eat better.  If I can just get him to eat something 10 times a day, then he might consume one full meal.

Oh, and PLEASE DON'T ASK ME ABOUT HIS FLUID INTAKE!!!  That's a sore spot for both of us and I have become a nagging wife when it comes to trying to get him to drink or eat soups, fruits or anything that might pass as fluids.  Dehydration is something we battle with every day,
and I'm finding out just how stubborn he can be.

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