Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Weird Snow Day

Woke up to about 2 inches of snow on the ground.  Looked out later...no snow.  Wait a few minutes, look out again and there is snow covering the ground again. Watch it melt away.  Look out the window and you can't see across the yard,  it is snowing so heavily.  Snow melts again so we go to Walmart, then the car in front of us disappears....it's a white-out.  We keep going and by the time we reach the first stop light the snowing has stopped.  We are on our way to Walmart and a familiar jeep pulls out in front of us, they don't see us......funny moment :)  It's my jeep!  We trudge onward, shop and then decide to stop at Dinner Bell to eat.  The snow is completely gone and we hear a waitress shout out...."LOOK AT THOSE GIGANTIC SNOWFLAKES!"  We eat and leave and soon encounter snow tracks in the road.  We get home and it is snowing so hard we sit in the car and admire the big snowflakes.....well, I admire the falling snow and Jimmy doesn't :(  We get out of the car, it's snowing hard and Jimmy heads for the door.....he forgot we shopped, so I carry the groceries into house.  I leave the huge bag of Meow Mix in the car.....maybe someone will stop by and carry it in for us, hint hint :)
The ground and the tree branches are covered with snow, and all looks beautiful again.  I get my cell phone and go to take a picture and the snow has melted again....it was so pretty too! and it was Jimmy's favorite kind of snow.....the snow that leaves quickly.
I decided to write about it because it's gone and it didn't come back this time......

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