Saturday, May 31, 2014

Anxiously waiting for Monday to arrive

My excessively loud coughing is scaring the cats.  I have only heard Jimmy cough a couple of times today, and after yesterday I thought I would be hearing non stop coughing today.  Yesterday Jimmy took a swallow of coffee, but it went down the wrong way.  When he should have been swallowing he was taking a breath instead.  That's a bit scary, and I'm sure everyone has done that once or twice.

When I think we are getting better, then something knocks me back down and shows me who is boss, and it certainly isn't me.  Had a setback with Jimmy's oxygen levels dropping down to 86 today.  This bug is bigger than both of us and all things considered, we are just nothing more than a glob of soft tissue and bones that can be slain by something so small that we can't even see it with the naked eye.

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