Friday, May 30, 2014

We are still sick

It is very difficult caring for another sick person when you are sick yourself, but we are managing.  Jimmy has his Ensure and I have lost some needed weight, but not enough to even notice.  It has been a week now for Jimmy and with the help of antibiotics he is doing better.  I don't need antibiotics because I have a pretty good immune system.  I lost my voice on the second day and I'm sure that Jimmy was glad of that.  He finally had some peace and there was no one to nag him about drinking fluids and eating more, but my voice, unfortunately for him, returned in a couple of days and we are now back to almost normal except for that nagging deep cough that has been with us right from the start.  Jimmy still wants to nap a lot, and because of all the chest and head congestion he had to go back to being on oxygen 24 hours a day.  My head congestion caused me to be very dizzy yesterday to the point of feeling like I would vomit, but I never did.  I did as my brother Dennis had once told me to do when feeling dizzy.  I lay flat on my back and turned my head from side to side to make new ear fluid and it must have worked because I'm not dizzy today.

Jimmy is really much better today, and everyday there has been improvement.  I have been very worried about him, but his doctors are just a phone call away 24/7 which eases my mind and that is how I was able to get antibiotics for him.  The antibiotics came with specific instructions of not to give them to Jimmy unless his fever reached a certain threshold....and it did a few days later.

Everyone who has  had this over the winter months told us that it lasts several weeks, so everyday I spray the air with Lysol and wipe things down with Clorox Wipes.  We drink from clean cups and re-use nothing so that we don't reinfect ourselves.  We will get new toothbrushes and throw our old ones away once I am able to get to a store.  No sense taking chances.

It's a bad time to feel sick.  It has been so beautiful outside....not even a raindrop, or a black cloud.

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