Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cookout with The Hatcher's

Today Brian, Reva and Brandon came over and brought their own grill and plenty of food for an army, and we had a cookout.  Brandon was supposed to mow, but he didn't feel up to it and Jimmy didn't either, so Brandon will return tomorrow to do the mowing.

While eating we had kitten problems.  One little blue-eyed Hemi look-a-like kept escaping and it's two mama's kept having to come carry it back to the den.  It wasn't shy and would follow our feet, then later, two kittens made a run for it and both mama cats had to come rescue their runaway kittens.   We could hardly visit for watching the kittens, careful not to step on those tiny little baby cats.

Jimmy came out to eat, but he didn't eat much.  He is still not feeling so well and he seemed to get worse as the day wore on.  After visiting, Brian & Reva packed up their left-overs and we will probably see them tomorrow when they bring Brandon over to mow.  Of course, I got to keep a large container full of Reva's yummy potato salad, and I gave them some of our cantaloupe to take home.  Jimmy always tries to get them to take a kitten or two with them, but like everyone else, they always decline :(

All in all we had a good visit, but we just wish that Jimmy was feeling better.  Reva even thought to bring marshmallows and Brian cut us some long branches and we roasted marshmallows.  It had been a long time since I had roasted marshmallows and that was a real treat for me.  I just wish I would have roasted more, but I was full.

Thank you Brian and Reva for being so thoughtful, and for bringing us such joy.  We love your visits and we love people who bring food ready to eat, Yummmmm.

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