Saturday, May 24, 2014

I love flowers just because I think they're beautiful

I went out early and took some more pictures of flowers that are now blooming in my yard.   

The yellow Primrose (above) is the first to bloom in a patch growing next to the driveway and against the house.  My pink Primroses have moved themselves into the neighbors side of the fence, so I didn't get a picture of those.

The purple Spiderwort to the left is spreading everywhere and is in great need of weeding.  I have neglected my flowers for 2 years, but lately I have been getting out there from time to time and doing a little weeding.  My water garden is a mess and I don't think we can even call it a water garden anymore.  It's more of a swampy mess and I'm afraid to put my hands in that black murky pool, afraid that something might grab me.

This afternoon was spent napping in front of the TV.  I told Jimmy that snuggling up next to him, on the love-seat, caused me to want to sleep, like he was's contagious, like a yawn.  We are up now and I feel well rested and eager to watch some movies and do some laundry.

If you are wondering why everything is under-lined it's because this blog has a mind of its own.  I tried removing the lines, but as you can see,  I was not successful.  Hope everyone enjoyed whatever they were doing today as much as I did.  Love you!

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Anonymous said...

If you click on the second paragraph about the yellow Primrose you will see the picture of the purple Spiderwort.....I didn't do that, blogger did, it made that link.

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