Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hanging out with Myles and Sharon

We spent yesterday with Sharon and my great-grandson Myles.  I have never been more surprised as I was yesterday over Myles.  He has grown so much since we last saw him and he is talking so well now.  You can actually carry on a conversation with him and his speech is very clear.  He's so funny too and, for once he recognized who we were because we don't get to see him as often as I would like because of Jimmy's chemo.  Myles is pretty healthy, so we get to see him more than our other little ones, and my granddaughter Megan said that he was asking about us a day or so ago.  So, I guess we were fresh in his memory :)

Sharon was so sweet to drive us around Lexington, Ky. yesterday.  We had a great time and will have to do this more often.  Since I had Sharon captive, lol,  I took the opportunity to have her stop at the nursery that is right next to Chili's on Richmond Road and I bought her two hanging baskets of flowers for her upcoming birthday and just because I love her so much!  She mentioned that she had been wanting some after I told her that we had stopped to look at some for her at Kroger's. 

Below are some pictures that we took yesterday, and as usual, if you want to see more just go to the right side, scroll down until you find, My Family then scroll down to SANDY'S PHOTO ALBUMS and then for the latest May pictures look in the folder titled,  May 2014 James Wallace.

 Myles, his usual lovable little self.  
He always has a hug for everyone,
even his Papaw :)

 Papaw helping to put Myles
into his carseat.
 Sharon with her two hanging
baskets of flowers.  Good thing that
her new car has a big trunk,
and it was empty.
 Myles just can't give his grandma
enough kisses.  It's still hard for 
me to realize that my daughter's 
are now the grandma's,  and not me.

 Jimmy still gives out kisses too!

I see you :)
 Sharon found a place to hang her
baskets of flowers and they look
so pretty.
Sharon must have really been
surprised when she got home
 Megan surprised her mother
with this pretty planter of flowers
when she got home :)  

We also got to see a pair of geese with baby geese.  When Myles and I approached them they felt threatened and walked across a parking lot drive and held up traffic.  Apparently the geese are not afraid of cars because they weren't in any hurry to cross the road.  We also found our Senator's office in Lexington, Ky. by accident.  Now I know where to go if I have a complaint,  or just to thank him.  

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