Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Wrap-Up

It's a good morning.  The sun wants to break through the clouds and shine, but it's having a difficult time doing it this morning.  We had a nice soaking rain for the last couple of days, not constantly, just now and then, but still a nice soaking rain.  I can see the trees all smiling this morning and the flowers and plants have all perked up, and have turned a greener, brighter shade of green.

Jimmy had a nice day yesterday.  His brother Allen had invited him to go to a fish fry in Cartersville, Kentucky, so that's where we went to eat yesterday afternoon.  Brian and Reva went with us too and it was like a family reunion for Jimmy because lots of his relatives were at the fish fry.  Even Ed and Annie all the way from Florida were there.  It was a good fish fry and Jimmy ate a plateful of food followed by a dessert of his choice afterwards.   We all left with full bellies :)

I try to get Jimmy out of the house everyday, but he tires so easily that it is always just to get something to eat, which only requires a short walk.  Some days are better than other days, and some days are less painful to him than other days.  He stays fatigued and now because of the fracture in his spine he walks at a snails pace.

Yesterday was Dylan's 10th Birthday Party, but Jimmy didn't feel up to attending a party filled with lots of screaming little children.  He likes seeing his great-grandchildren one at a time, but not all of them at one time.....and there are lots of them!  I'm sure Dylan's party was a great success and lots of fun for Dylan.  
Happy Birthday Dylan!

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