Friday, July 18, 2014

My kids are the GREATEST

Yesterday we spent a very enjoyable day visiting with Sharon and Brian.  They both came over to the house, Brian on his motorcycle and Sharon in her sporty little red convertible.

Brian charged up our motorcycle batteries, which were dead as a door nail and couldn't be charged, and I got to ride in Sharon's car.  She took me to run some errands while Jimmy stayed to help Brian, then upon our return we all went to Papaleno's to eat and then on to the Fudge Shoppe for an ice cream cone.  It was a very relaxing and enjoyable day.

Today Brian rode his motorcycle over here in the rain.  He comes almost daily to help Jimmy out.  He's a good son.  Our neighbor, who is about Jimmy's age always has one of his son's or grandson's at his house helping him out and I look around at our house and feel so blessed that both Jimmy and I have children who come to help us out and to visit also.  Getting older isn't so bad after all.  

Since it was raining I told Brian that today there would be no work done here at our house, but that we were going to go out to eat with Ray and Suzanne.  Brian was happy about that :)  Yesterday he ate with his sister Sharon and today he would eat with his other sister Suzanne.  We were all beaming from ear to ear because it's a treat to eat out with Suzanne.  I just wish that Sharon could have been with us today too.  Today we went to Cracker Barrel and it was again a very enjoyable day.  

I feel so blessed to have such loving children.  Suzanne calls me once or twice a day, Sharon is in constant communication with me thru text messages, pictures, videos and FaceTime,  and Brian calls to talk when he doesn't come over.  I have been trying to send each of them little surprise packages, because I know how exciting it is to receive little surprises brought by Larry the FedEx guy....I hope he delivers in Winchester???  

Suzanne was laughing today, saying that the FedEx guy is being kept very busy delivering packages all over town sent by none other than the lady who is breaking his back delivering heavy boxes to her house.  Believe me, I'm not sending packages all over town.   She just said that because she received her little surprise today.    

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