Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Missing Jimmy

I thought that I would grow older with Jimmy, but here I am alone and without him by my side.  He loved life so much and found enjoyment in everyday and in everything that he did.  I have so many fond memories of him and we shared so much.  He was my best friend and a wonderful husband, father and grandfather.  He made no distinction and did not recognize the words, step or in-law.  If you were family, you were family.  That's just the way he was.  No wonder everyone loved him so much, and that's why I loved him so much.

I spend most of my alone time gazing at pictures of him and listening to the music that we listened to together.  Each picture of him has a story, a special memory attached to it that I hold near and dear to my heart.  Sometimes I switch the music over to our Christmas songs because he loved Christmas so much.  It wasn't just December 25th that he liked, but he loved all that led up to that special holiday, the baking and candy making.  I loved shopping for Christmas gifts for the grandchildren and would drag him along.  He preferred to give money and in the last couple of years or so we did just that.  

Jimmy's birthday is just a couple of days away on November 21st. and he would have been 78 years old.  I miss him so much and the holidays will never be the same without him.

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