Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I feel good this morning

What a relief!!!  It was good not waking up to a dusting of snow.  Now they are saying that it might arrive this afternoon, but that it won't even be as much as a dusting, just a few snow flurries flying around in the air.  I think I can handle that, how about you?

I'm finally beginning to see an end to all this paperwork that follows after a loved one has passed away.  There are just two to three more things to take care of, unless something else pops up.  I'll eventually get everything taken care of.  Of course most of this could have already been done prior to his death, but I had refused mentally to acknowledge that my sweet husband was dying.  I was waiting for that miracle that I had prayed for, for so long.  

I picked up my SUV yesterday and the Dealer and his mechanic seem to think that they fixed the problem.  Time and the weather will tell me if the leak is fixed.  The sunroof drain was clogged causing water to spill into the car right over the computer housing, which then caused the computer to act least that is my theory, about the computer.  The reason I came up with that reasoning was because the computer went to sleep when it was raining or snow was melting into the car, and I know that computers don't like moisture very well.  I hope I'm right.

Today I will do laundry and take care of a few chores around the house.  I'll also fill out some more forms and get those sent in.  At least that is my plan for the day, which of course is always subject to change if something better to do comes along :)

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