Monday, July 06, 2015

When things are good, they are really good......

I feel good this morning!  I had a wonderful weekend riding my bike with two good friends, Steve and Rick.  We even rode some at night and that was a first for me.  I have never ridden at night before and it was nice.  If time had permitted I would have loved riding at night some more.

On the 4th of July we parked our bikes high on a hill and waited patiently for the fireworks to begin.  I ordered pizza to be delivered to our spot along with some cold drinks.  We were ready.  Nightfall came, but the fireworks didn't.  Disappointed we ate our pizza and drank our pop, and finally moved on.  As it turned out, the fireworks had been cancelled because they got drenched the night before in the monsoon that passed through our city.  I had also gotten drenched on that night, as I was carrying groceries to my car.

Today I am waiting for a mechanic to pick up my car.  It is over-heating and he is going to find out why and fix it.  I need my car because I only have one car these days.  Oh, how I miss my jeep wrangler at times like these.  The mechanic is late and I hope that he hasn't forgotten about me.

Hope everyone is having a nice sunny day like I am.  

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