Friday, September 11, 2015

I don't remember what day it was. All I know is that I fell in love with you.....etc

I don't even know one day from the next any more, and the way I see it, it doesn't really matter does it?  I rearranged the living room last night and I tried carrying my ratty recliner out the door, but it wouldn't fit.  We got it in here but two carried it, so I guess it will take two people to carry it out.  The living room looks so much roomier and not so cluttered up now.  I got rid of three pieces of furniture in the living room and I like my new spacious look.  I don't have much company these days so it's just me that I have to please.

I have a new kitten named Little Harley because he looks just like big Harley.  Little Harley is very needy and wants to be wherever I am.  If I'm sleeping, he is by my side.  If I'm emailing or blogging, he is on top of me wanting my attention.  He purrs up a storm too, and if I curl up my hands or arms he goes right to sleep in them, but like some babies he wakes up just as soon as I try to type again.  I've put all the cats out except for Squeak the calico, but she can go out if she wants to.  Little Harley is the only cat not allowed outside unsupervised.  

It's nice and peaceful here now that I have quit crying.  I read my brother Dennis' comment on the video in the previous post and it made me cry.  Of course when I posted it I was crying, but I was fine by this morning until I read his comment and listened to the video again.

I can't stop thinking about Jimmy and how lonely it is here without him.  He would have been proud of me the other day when I pushed mowed the entire yard from the bank out front to the creek out back.  Of course if he would have been here the riding mower blades would have been fixed, and I wouldn't of had to push mow the whole yard, but I must say that it was rather enjoyable and gave me something to do for about four hot hours.  

Getting back to Jimmy.....
Like the country song The Dance by Garth Brooks says, (don't quote me)  "I could of missed the pain, but I would of had to miss the dance."  And I wouldn't have missed that dance with Jimmy for any amount of money or treasures that anyone could have ever offered me.

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