Saturday, September 19, 2015

Truck n Tractor Pull

I went to a truck and tractor pull last night and it was very enjoyable.  I ran into Tori, Mandy and Carson there sitting on the top row of the bleachers about middle ways in the track.  I sat down next to them and introduced them to my two friends, Steve and Rick.  I had forgotten that everyone except for Mandy had already met my two friends.

I am doing some of the things that are new to me and that I had never done before in my life.  The drag races are next on my list of things to do.  

I had a baby Siamese kitten asleep on my chest, but it is now awake and is very annoyingly trying to stomp on the keys of my laptop as I type.  It's after my cursor.

The house is quiet here today.  Steve and I walked around at the Spoon Bread Festival today and talked with many friends & relatives that we saw there.   We stopped at one point and sat in a big tent and listened to some live Bluegrass Music.   Thank goodness the kitten has calmed back down and is once again asleep.

My legs are feeling a bit restless right now, so I need to get up and walk around a little more.  It's too bad that I am going to disturb the kitten just when it has gone back to sleep.  

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