Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Being broke doesn't have to hurt

Eating free is easy.  Just order water and they will bring you hot buttered yeast rolls, and you can also eat the roasted, salted peanuts that are in the bucket on the table.  

Sometimes you just want a place to sit and take it easy for a little while, and all it will cost you is the tip that you leave the nice waiter.  

I don't make it a practice of doing this and have done it only once at Logan's Steakhouse, and they didn't even notice that I didn't order anything but water, which was free there too.  Water isn't free everywhere, and it's not free at Red Lobster, but it sure can't cost that much to drink a glass of water there.

What did cost me here was the $10 donation that I gave to a homeless young lady sitting on the curb a block away as I was leaving Texas Roadhouse.  I don't always give, but since I had been blessed with food, I thought I would give what I had saved at the restaurant to her.

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