Thursday, September 22, 2016

Just Chillin

Good Morning!  I feel pretty good today despite a night of wakeful pain in my right upper quadrant, which was relieved by taking 2 large Tum tablets.  A pretty green one and a pink one.

I had a great day yesterday.  I picked up the three piles of brush that I had cut down the day before around the house, but mostly growing within the grape vines, and I dragged the piles to the furthest reaches of my back yard.  I also got out the riding mower and mowed the entire yard, minus the steep bank out front and then when I had finished mowing I hooked up my dump wagon and took all of those dead branches to the back that I had piled in the dump wagon for an entire month or two.  Today I can either use the push mower to finish mowing the steep bank out front, or I can rest,  I'm not sure what I will do yet since today it is supposed to be 91+ degrees F.  I might wait for a cooler day.  

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