Friday, September 23, 2016

The Tongue's Cutting Edge

I was feeling really good this morning until someone said to me that I, "was old and worn out anyway."  I couldn't have been cut down any worse, only because tomorrow is my 72nd birthday, and truthfully, I am old and worn out, but it wasn't anything that I wanted to hear said out loud by someone who meant something to me.  I don't think they even know that tomorrow is my birthday.

Being 72 years old is like living on borrowed time.  I'm closer to death than I want to be, so I wake up each morning thankful that I woke up to another beautiful day.  Another chance to live a better life, to do better, treat people better, forgive easily without hesitation,  and to love more.  So why do younger people think it is okay to throw out insults, that they are bound to know will hurt others, or do they even care?

Most of the time I laugh to cover up the hurt I feel inside when I am called disrespectful names or I am bullied.  I only write it here in the hopes that someone who does this to other people will stop and think of what they are really doing, and how they are hurting someone else.  It is much easier to compliment someone than to call them names and cause hurt.  You will be surprised at what can be achieved with compliments instead of condemnation.


Dennis 2016 said...

That reminds me of a day we were in our local hospital visiting or I think I was visiting my dad in Lexington. I was saying pleasant things to cheer him up and talking to the lady in the next bed. When her friend walks in with flowers and immediately says to her, "Oh my god you look so bad?!" And I died inside I knew she was visiting and being nice but I think she never realized by making small talk that it would hurt her friend.
Have a Happy Birthday. Love ya.

Cheyenne said...

Happy Birthday, Sandy! Mine was on the 23rd and my husband's is the 25th.