Monday, September 26, 2016

Cloe the Pit Bull

It has looked rainy all afternoon today and it is actually much cooler here since the cloud cover arrived.  I haven't seen a single rain drop, but I did see the neighbor's young pit bull outside barking at my cats, who were trying to nap on my back porch.  I tried to chase the young Cloe away, but she growled at me, so I came back inside and she ran off to find other things to do or to chase.  I decided to go check my mail, and I found Cloe's shock collar in my parking area against the side of my house.  Now I know why Cloe was in my yard, her collar had fallen off and she felt no boundaries.  I picked up her collar and took it and put it on the neighbor's railing so that someone will find it when they get home.

This cloudy day is making me feel sleepy.  I also can't believe how green everything looks just with cloud cover overhead.

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