Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Lingering cold & cough

We've been staying at home taking it easy.  We're just about fully recovered from our cough and colds, but still have a slight voice thing still hanging on.  Went over to Harold & Callie's and I hope that the cold that Harold has didn't come from us.  He said he caught it while in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee but he might just be saying that to be nice.

All has been well here at home.  My kitty cats are happy being outside and free to roam,  and they are doing very well except for one little siamese kitten who was attacked by a tomcat.  Her neck is healing well and she is full of energy.  I've seen her playing and chasing around the yard with her black litter mate.  Jybow and Squeak are both doing fine.  Lacey has moved on to make her home elsewhere and I haven't seen her in several months now.  Squeak who never liked the out of doors, is loving the back yard and seldom is seen on the front porch or out of the yard.  Little Harley, a siamese cat,  stays at Leo & Cassandra's house most of the time with their dog Blackie.  Most of the tomcats have moved on to find new territories of their own except for two of them, the black one and the gray fluffy one.  They still remain here and haven't moved on with the rest of their litter mates.  That litter was all male except for one non breeding female who has also moved on after 2 years with no kittens.  The only tame breeding female is Little Harley, which I said had been staying at Leo's most of the time.  

We have had lots of rain and more rain is expected, so once the sun comes out the grass will shoot up and it will mark the start of mowing season.  Since someone special trimmed all of my trees so that they don't hit me in the head, mowing is much more enjoyable and easier, and it doesn't take nearly as long to mow without all those obstacles in the way.  

I'm finally settling down and I'm more at peace with my life as it is now.  I don't run the roads anymore and I'm much happier.  The loss of Jimmy was a great loss, but life goes on and after two and a half years I am finally dealing with the loss much better than I had been.  I'm no longer angry with what life dealt me.  I have one person to thank for helping me cope and for keeping my home afloat.  One person who cared enough to stay during the hard times and who didn't abandon me when I was at my worst.  I thank God everyday for bringing this person into my life.  He's a very good friend and everyone should be blessed with someone as caring and as helpful as Rick.  #feelingloved


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