Friday, March 10, 2017

Thanking God / Feeling Blessed

It's a GREAT MORNING and a good day to count my blessings.  My family is on the mend.  We have all been sick, had colds and pneumonia.  Brian is doing better and is out of the hospital and for that I thank God.  He still needs prayers, so I will continue to pray for him, and for Reva who I know has worried herself to death over Brian, her mother and Tabitha.

Rick & I are doing well and are still good friends, as he likes to call us.  He's at work today and I know will come home very tired, and in much pain.  He's only worked 2 days this week, as his body won't allow him to do much of anything, without pain.  This weekend he'll spend with the heat pad on his back and an ice pack on his feet.  The heat pad will be moved between his lower back and his cervical spine (his neck).

I'm feeling great as I said in the first paragraph.  My head is still a little stuffy and I sound like I feel bad, but I don't.  I feel fine, and I'm thanking God for this new day and for each day He chooses to give me.  I also thank God for Rick who brings me much happiness these days.  I know that Jimmy would have liked him.

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