Thursday, March 09, 2017

Hen n Rooster UPDATE

The hen and the rooster are doing well at their new home.  We pass by to see how they are doing and they come to greet us.  This tells us that they must have been someone's pets, but that is only a guess.  Yesterday the hen was deep in the thicket, so when the rooster appeared without his hen, we feared that a fox or coyote had gotten the little hen, but after some calling, she finally made her appearance.  We were so happy to see her, and also happy to see an old abandoned house in the middle of the thicket which we had not seen before.  This made us much more at ease with their new home.  Now we know how they weathered the bad storms and the rains that we have been having.  They are using the old abandoned house as their own private hen house, and someday when we pass we may see baby chicks.  We were also pleased to see that the thicket is so over-grown that it would be difficult for the hawk we saw sitting in a nearby tree to dive down and swoop up the chickens.  Rick said that he is bringing corn with him the next time we visit the little hen and the rooster.

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