Sunday, June 04, 2017


Rick deserves more than I can offer him, but I do my best to help him out in any way I can.  I help him mow his yards when he needs to mow, carry brush when he trims his trees & bushes.  I wish that I could do more for him than I do, but money is scarce and I'm not as strong as I used to be.  I would shower him with gifts if I could, but I can't.  All I can offer him is myself and he doesn't want that, so helping him with his weekly chores and being his friend will have to do.  

OH!  Did I mention that Rick is a good cook too?  Well he is and we cook together all the time.  We've both gained some weight because of it tho, so we need to slow down on the good home cooked meals for a little while and concentrate on losing a few pounds together.  Of course it doesn't help when I buy a bag of chocolates does it?

Rick is out showing off his new moped to his brother and his friends this afternoon at McDonald's while I stay here and do a few needed chores, like write in my blog, hahaha.

I called one of my old blog friends, Gail of "Doubleknot" blog this afternoon.  She's in a rehab hospital for a little while recuperating and learning how to live with arthritic pain.  It's touch living with pain.  Rick knows pain well as he also suffers with arthritic pain, stiff joints and sore muscles.   

I have to go now and do some real work around here.

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