Friday, January 20, 2006

sick hubby

Hubby is still sick. Yesterday he had bright red blood in his urine and agreed to let me take him to the doctor early this morning...But when morning came, he felt better and the bleeding had stopped. I called the doctor's office anyway, hoping to get him seen today but, his urologist was in London, Ky. for the day. After listening to the problem, the receptionist, changed his appointment from next Friday to this coming Monday.

The day was beautiful, warm and sunny, with the temperature around 65 F. degrees. Hubby felt pretty good, so decided to take a spin on his cycle. He wasn't gone long at all and when he returned he fell asleep watching the news. He woke up around 4pm and as I walked into the room he said he was hurting....he had pain & pressure way down low, in his lower abdomen. I told him that his family doctor was now closed, and did he want to go to the emergency room, but he declined. He knew if he went they probably wouldn't do anything until Monday anyway. So, we are back to wait & see. I'm sure that if the pain was too unbearable that he would let me take him to the emergency room and if the bleeding starts up again...I'll just load him into the car and take him in myself, whether he wants to go or not.

He still can't makes him nauseous sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. He still only eats a couple of bites at a time, but he does drink plenty of water. He loves Spring and the hot weather that follows, so I hope he will be well by then, to be able to enjoy his favorite time of year.

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