Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Just having fun

The grandkids and their camera phones...
You just never know what kind of silly & fun pictures you're going to get from them. This one they sent to Sharon's phone and last night as we were chatting on the phone I asked her to try to send her phone's pictures to my computer, since I am WAY behind the times, and don't have a fancy new camera phone. Sharon managed to figure out how to do it, or maybe Megan just showed her how, I really don't know, but she sent me several pictures. I just thought the picture above was really funny. Sharon also sent me a nice picture of Megan's new laptop which Megan bought with her graduation money. I'm so glad she got one because she'll need it at the university this fall.
This is another cell phone picture that Sharon took while we were riding. I need to take her for more rides with me, although she has her own bike it is nice to have her close like this, where we can have those mother/daughter chats without any distractions from other people. Notice that I'm looking straight ahead at the road. I miss riding in the back as a passenger sometimes because I took a lot of pictures from that vantage point. I managed to sometimes get pictures of wildlife, like deer, elk, bears, moose and once almost a mountain lion that suddenly popped up in front of us...Now I can't do that...I have to litterally stop to take pictures and sometimes that's just too late and my subject has disappeared into the brush or forest. I never did get that picture of that mountain lion though, because I was so shocked to see one that I literally froze and just watched...I could have slapped myself later for missing such a wonderful photo opportunity.

A week ago my youngest daughter, Suzanne, surprised me with a solar butterfly for my garden. In a couple of days she brought me another one...she said the first one needed company, hehehe. They charge up all day and constantly change colors all night long from clear to blue, green, red, purple, magenta. The colors are also mixed at times and are so pretty. You get the picture. The two butterflies are not in sinc with each other so that makes it even more beautiful, and they are very bright. You can see them from way across the yard at night Thank you Suzanne, you are always so sweet and thoughtful and you know mom loves you for all the kind & thoughtful things you do for us. We also enjoy your almost daily visits and your many phone calls throughout the day.

Jimmy also surprised me with this lovely Kentucky Cardinal. He bought it on Monday during our ride and kept it hid until Tuesday when he brought the box out and said, "Honey I bought you a little something I thought you would like." Isn't he sweet!!! That's one good reason NOT to keep such a close eye on your husband while in gift shops. I asked him how he managed to buy it without us seeing him and he said that while the rest of us were at one end of the store he simply walked up to the cash register, paid for it, took it outside & put it away and then returned back into the store. I love "just because" surprises. You expect a gift on your birthday & on some holidays, but it's those unexpected little surprises that mean so much to you and are so special. I also love giving these little "just because I love you and was thinking about you" gifts, don't you? I love the smiles they generate!


JunieRose2005 said...


You have such a very interesting blog here! I have stopped by a few times!

We also ride motorcycles....or my husband does and I ride behind him with my camera! I have thought of learning to ride, myself, but my kids have fits at the mention of it!

He just bought a second motorcycle yesterday-an old BMW.I blogged about it -(of course!)

Enjoy your day and your rides!!

Junie Rose

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
Those "just because surprises" are the best aren't they!
That stained glass is just gorgeous!
Love the solar butterflies too. I'll have to see if I can find some. I'm always on the lookout for cute things for the patio and garden!

"Early Bird" said...

Just like Susie said we bloggers are always on the lookout for cool garden things! I'm gonna have to keep an eye out for those solar butterflies...that is a really neat idea!
I love spontanious suprise gifts...sounds like you've got a winner in Jimmy!
BTW...your grandkids are a hoot...but then you know that doncha? ;)

Tomas Dennis said...

Those are great photos and wonderful gifts. I love surprises.

Alipurr said...

must run in the family :)
i like surprise gifts/flowers, too (esp. the plant in the yard kind)
i love the photos, too...and want to tell you that i am glad you are blogging cause now i feel we can keep in touch so much better, and the children can see pics of their family, is good to feel so much closer...and it is certainly nice to have so many people thinking about you, and happy and expecting good things with you, like baby boy! We are all certainly anxiously waiting his i am trying to stay very busy, walking around, cleaning, maybe keep him on his toes, and get this thing moving :)

Motherkitty said...

Can you send Jimmy here for a while? We appreciate his nice attitude and like to be around him. Please tell him what a wonderful guy he is for buying you that lovely Kentucky Cardinal!!!! Where do you have it hanging? Looks outside, but is it in a window inside? If so, it looks great with your pond behind it.

Say "hi" to all the kids. Hope to see you all very soon.

jellyhead said...

What a happy and beautiful post, Sandy (just like you)

Your husband and daughters and grandchildren sound like they bring you so much joy and pride. I'm really glad for you all :)

Val said...

How did they get the first photo to look like that? That's hilarious!

I'm going to try to find one of those solar butterflies for my mother. What a nifty idea.

Cliff Morrow said...

Those are very nice surprise gifts. uh...but tell your husband to knock it off cuz he's making it tough on the rest of us. Now I have one more blog I can't let my wife find out about.

Peter said...

Who's a lucky girl then???

Rachel said...

Great picture of your butterfly all lit up! How sweet of Jimmy to get you the KY Cardinal. It's pretty!!

Kerri said...

Thanks for sharing the fun Sandy :) The top photo is hilarious. I love the mother and daughter one too.
Your Jimmy is a peach to surprise you with the lovely cardinal. And Suzanne apparently takes after her sweet and generous mother too.
You're a lucky lady.
We had a great weekend and the wedding reception (Kylie and Ko's) was wonderful. Now I need about 2 days worth of sleep!