Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Yesterday in pictures

I've only stopped at this gas station once although we pass by it often on our rides. I stopped so that Brian & Reva could rest and I parked beneath the awning of the gas pumps for shade. As the others were going into the store to use their bathrooms...they heard something which caught their attention. See that pink tracker above....I have lured Jimmy, Brian & Reva over to that strange car by pretending I'm a deer in distress. A friend of Jimmy's who he hadn't seen in sometime approached me with a microphone at the gas pump. At first they wouldn't approach the car, with Boo's voice, but as soon as the deer started shouting in my voice crying out for help
saying that I (the deer) was being held captive, they approached the car and began talking to the deer. The deer's head and mouth move as if talking. Jimmy's friend has rigged up the remote wireless microphone and has put a miniature speaker inside the deer's mouth. This is one of those singing deer that you can buy for about $200, but Boo got it at a yard sale for $15. Boo has a lot of fun with his talking deer and his wife now has to ride in the back seat. The deer still sings too. I guess someone bought it and then got tired of it. Lucky for Boo...now he has something to play with.

We rode on some of the most beautiful back roads yesterday...very scenic and mostly untraveled routes except for the local bikers that know about them and for the Sunday drivers just getting out for a drive. We finally got to our destination and this and the rest of the pictures are in the area of the Red River Gorge. I wanted to take a picture of the very crude tunnel through the mountain that we went through, but now that I drive my own cycle I don't have enough hands to handle the camera unless we stop. The tunnel has no lights and is wet with dripping water from the upper rock ceiling and is very long and dark. As you can see from the picture above, there were many other bikers taking advantage of this beautifull, hot July weather in May.

Brian spotted them and I was VERY surprised to see Mountain Laurel still blooming although it was beginning to look a bit wilty. The Mountain Laurel flowers are the white blossoms behind Brian in the picture.

Here's a close-up picture of the Mountain Laurel I had taken about a month ago just a few miles from here. I took a close-up of the flowers behind Brian, but as I said they were just too wilted to post.

Jimmy & I

I had to take a picture of this. WOW! Free Gass with Purchase. Click the picture to read the rest.

What in the world are Brian & Reva looking at, on the ceiling of this quaint little country restaurant?

The ceiling was lined with one dollar bills and they covered nearly the entire ceiling. Brian counted almost a thousand of them and stopped. Customers write their names on each bill and I guess the owners stick them up there for display. Everything in that restaurant was very interesting to look at. Nothing was for sale but the food.

Here's a close-up of some of the money. Well, I was going to write more, but the great-grandchildren Kyra and Dylan have stopped in for a visit with their grandmother Sandie. Brian & Reva have also stopped in, so I have a housefull of people.


Rachel said...

I see you were over Waco way! I have never seen one of those deers. I'll bet it does draw attention!! I wanted to go on this trip too! Didn't your mental voices tell you this???? Ha! Only kidding, since I couldn't have gone, but I'll bet it was fun!! Glad you got out and enjoyed the day.

I love the free gas sign!! Heck with beans you'll sure get that free!!! LOL

Sandy said...

rachel...I was wondering how you recognized it was Waco, but after looking at the picture I see it was written on the building.

You know the drill...if you want to ride CALL ME!

judypatooote said...

Love your pictures, and that mountain laurel is gorgeous.... I've seen the talking fish, but wow a talking deer....cute....

Susie said...

I've never seen a talking deer! Too funny :)
Your ride sounds fun and the weather must be perfect for it!!
Loved that ceiling of dollar bills.
Quite the conversation piece!
Enjoy the great grands!!

Val said...

A talking deer - what a hoot! I'd love one like that to play jokes on people.

"Early Bird" said...

I can tell you had a great time with that deer head...lol!
Glad ya'll had a safe trip...the cave description gave me the creeps...
Enjoy your company!

Sandy said...

Early Bird...it wasn't a cave, but a tunnel you drive through to get to the other side of the mountain. Besides being dark in there you can't see if cars are coming from the other end and there is no traffic light to warn you when you enter. So far I haven't heard of any collisions but I'm sure that some have had to put their cars in reverse at times. The tunnel has many drawbacks and you certainly don't ever want to enter it wearing sunglasses.

Cliff Morrow said...

Great blog with lot of activity. The deer was a good one.