Sunday, May 27, 2007

Megan's Graduation Day

On Friday, May 25th my beautiful and very sweet 17 year old granddaughter graduated from high school. It's hard to believe that this little sweet bundle of joy, has grown up to be such an adorable, smart & pretty young lady. It doesn't seem like that long ago when she was toddling around the house, chasing her big brother...My, but she did have a mind of her own and a strong will and she wasn't afraid to express it either. When she was not quite 2 years old, I remember stopping by to visit and bringing her brother Zac and also Megan a present. Zac was older, so I gave him an age appropiate toy and I gave Megan a teddy bear or a doll, my memory eludes me at the moment. When she opened the gift she quickly hurled it across the room and exclaimed that she didn't want it...She wanted what Zac got, so I went back to town and got her the exact same thing that her big brother got. I soon learned to buy them each the same thing...she wasn't going to settle for less!
Megan is a good Christian girl and many of her activities involve her church. She graduated with a 3.8 gpa and will attend college on scholarships & grants.
Megan will only have a short summer break until her fall semester begins at school. Soon she will be moving into her own apartment near campus which she will be sharing with her big brother Zac....Thank you Lord!!! I just couldn't imagine my innocent little granddaughter being sent out on her own to live in a college dorm...unsupervised. I know you all are laughing, BUT this university is known as a party school...And Zac if you are reading this you'd better take good care of your little sister!!! Watch out for her and keep those big bad wolves away from her!
Megan putting on her cap.

Big brother Zac, little sister Thalia, Step-dad Scott
Here we are anxiously waiting for the graduation procession to begin. Sharon was sitting next to me and there were many of Megan's family members in attendance, Andrea, Garry and her other grandparents, but we all weren't sitting together in the stands.
Here comes the procession of graduates and teachers. I didn't know it until I got there and noticed that some of Jimmy's family was also in the stands, so I asked them who was graduating and they told me that Emily was graduating too. The reason I was surprised to see any other relatives was because this was an out-of-town graduation and we thought Megan was the only one graduating this year. Jimmy & I had no idea that his brother's granddaughter was also graduating from this very same H.S...we didn't even know that she attended this high school with Megan.

Here's Megan with her mother Sharon. Sharon of course you know is my daughter and she doesn't look much older than the graduates herself. I was so nervous taking the pictures that most of my pictures turned out a bit fuzzy and unusable, so I'm hoping that Scott was less shakey and took some good pictures to share with me.
I rode to the graduation ceremony with my daughter Sharon and she was so excited and I've never seen her so happy as she was that night...she was glowing and so proud. As we were leaving and approaching Megan's car, Megan gave her mom a bouquet of beautiful cut flowers and a card. Sharon was beaming and I could see tears in her eyes. On the way home she read the card to me and it was one of the sweetest sentiments to a mother from a daughter that I have ever heard.


Rachel said...

She's so pretty Sandy!! Sharon does look like one of the graduates!! She's so pretty too!!

I hope Zac takes care of the "wolves." With her looks they'll be out there!!

Susie said...

Megan is a beautiful girl. How wonderful to have such good grades that she can attend college on a scholarship.
Your daughter Sharon is also gorgeous and very youthful looking!!

Peter said...

Congratulations all round.

PEA said...

Congratulations to Megan...she's got brains and beauty...can't ask for more than that!! I remember how proud I felt when my boys graduated from university so I know how you were all feeling that day:-) xox

Tomas Dennis said...

Congratulations to Megan she takes after my sister and her mom as my daughter takes after me and my wife, very vocal and they will tell you in a second if you do something wrong.

Motherkitty said...

Well done, Megan. Congratulations on graduating and our high GPA. I know you will do well in college and later in life. Enjoy your summer. We really loved seeing both you and Zac during our visit and wish we could have spent more time with you.

"Early Bird" said...

congratulations to Megan...I hear a proud grandma typing this post

Granny said...

Congratulations. We have a 17 year old granddaughter graduating too.

Where does the time go?

Alipurr said...

Tell Megan congratulations!!!! I am sooo proud of her. What a wonderful and beautiful young lady!

judypatooote said...

Your Megan is beautiful....and yes where does the time Megan (granddaughter) is 21...... and sending my congrats to your Megan...