Thursday, May 24, 2007

Riding/Sliding Through Life

This morning I was pleasantly surprised by a phone call from Rachel. You all know that beautiful, fun loving Rachel of Sliding Through Life...Well I'm fortunate enough to get to spend time with her every now and then.
We were first going to meet at noon at one of my favorite restaurants, but it was so crowded and I took the last parking space a block away and proceeded to walk and stand in front of the restaurant waiting for Rachel to come along. After a few minutes, I'm being nice here hehehe, she called to tell me that she was running a little late. This turned out to be the perfect moment to ask her to meet me somewhere the Mexican restaurant near the interstate highway at the WallyWorld exit. There I was sure that we would find plenty of parking spaces and being that it was just across the street from where my daughter Sharon works, I called and invited Sharon to join us. And as it turned out, Bobby Sox, the owner of Sharon's shop also found his way to our table.
After our lunch, the workers (Sharon & Bobby Sox) went back to work to pay in more social security taxes so that Rachel & I could enjoy our afternoon without worrying about gas prices. Well somebody has to work to keep those direct deposit checks coming in steadily...and on time. Rachel and I went to the house to get the bike and we were off. Jimmy was barely recovering from two days of fever & chills, but insisted on coming along. He said the ride would make him feel better...better than staying at home alone. I tried to take a picture of us on the bike when we got to the gas station. Take my word for it, the bike is under us and see my's all messed up. That Rachel!!!! her hair always looked nice no matter how fast I went!

Rachel had asked about the waterfalls in one of my recent posts, so that's where we headed. At the falls there were plenty of young girls in bikinis and if you enlarge the picture you can see one of them on the right. The place was fairly crowded, for a Thursday afternoon, but I managed to get a picture of Rachel almost by herself...believe me it wasn't easy. I almost had to laugh out loud when I saw what looked like a college student trying to skip rocks across the water. I didn't want to burst her bubble, but she was trying to skip HUGE rocks that sank immediately. I had to give her an "A" for effort.

I wanted Jimmy to take a picture of both of us on the bike, but I never asked him to...I meant to but something always came up. This is the best I could do...Rachel on the bike by herself. Jimmy was quieter than usual today because he didn't feel well, so we didn't ride too far.
Since Rachel isn't able to get down this way much, we asked her if she would like to visit some of her family while she was in the neighborhood. You know...just for shock value...they don't know that Rachel has become a motorcycle mama. (giggle) I think Rachel loved the ride and we'll be taking my bike instead of her car from now on...that is unless it's raining, cause we don't want to get our hair wet.
All in all we had a nice day....I would say wonderful, but Jimmy didn't feel well although he tried to pretend that he did, I could tell that he wasn't himself. Tomorrow he is going to see a doctor or get some antibiotics and I know that I will have to take him in kicking and screaming, but I'm not going through the weekend without any medication. The Ty*lenol is only controlling the fever, but isn't curing the cause...whatever that might be. Why are some men so stubborn when it comes to seeking medical attention?


Cliff Morrow said...

You'll have to do what my wife does. "They'll take you at 10:15 this morning so you better go." I guess it works.
Rachel looks like a natural, eh?
I do think she needs some tatoos if she's going to do this with any sort of regularity.

Diane J. said...

I just came from Rachel's place and wandered over here to see the pics and read more about y'all's trip. Looks like y'all had a gorgeous day for your ride. :-)

I hope Jimmy sees the Dr. and gets some medication so he can feel better soon.

My hubby has been sick and taking it out on me. He finally went to the Dr. Tuesday and got some antibiotics and is feeling better now. Good thing, too, because I was threatening to administer a shotgun enema if he didn't get better and let up on me soon, LOL! ;D

Have a great Friday and a wonderful holiday weekend, Sandy.



Merle said...

Hi Sandy ~~ Sounds like a nice day with Rachel. I hope Jimmy is feeling
much better by now. Many thanks for your Birthday Greetings, that was so nice of you. I am expecting my son and his wife soon, they will stay overnight and Geoff will work in my garden tomorrow. Great Birthday present!! Take care Sandy,thank you again, Love, Merle.

Val said...

Can't imagine the very handsome Jimmy feeling under the weather. Hope he gets well soon!

Rachel said...

Ah Sandy, you wrote it up so well!! Sharon and Bobby Sox were so nice!! I truly did have a wonderful day. I'm still smiling from it!!! Thanks ever so much!!!

Glad Jimmy is going to the Dr. I could tell he was not himself yesterday too. Poor guy.

"Early Bird" said...

Oh, what a fun time ya'll had!! If I ever get to visit I'm afraid I would be a wet blanket...I skeerd of motor sicles...I hope Jimmy gets better would be wise to get him some meds before this long weekend!

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
I'm giggling here at Diane's threats on how to get her hubby to the Dr.
Do you think that would work on Jimmy??
Ok, I'm serious again. Hope Jimmy feels better soon!
Rachel looks like she's having a great time and I loved seeing all the pictures.
You can see me with the motorcycle we rode in my most recent post. No giggling!!

PEA said...

Ooooh, how absolutely wonderful that you and Rachel could get together like this...I hadn't realized you two knew each other!! How cool is that?! hehe Sounds like a fun time but poor Jimmy...he just had to be macho and go for the ride eh? lol I do hope he feels better real soon! xox

Peter said...

Hi Sandy, that was a pleasant surprise to have Rachel visit, I got one also as I didn't know it was the same Rachel who lives in my computer... pinched another photo!!

jellyhead said...

Rachel sounds like she is as gutsy and fun-loving as you, Sandy! Glad you were able to spend some time together.

I hope Jimmy gets well soon.

Have a wonderful weekend Sandy :)

LZ Blogger said...

Sandy ~ It sounds like a fun day... well except for the Jimmy not feeling well part of it. ~ jb///

Britmum said...

Sounds like you had a great day.

I hope Jimmy feels better soon.

Take care

Jim said...

Hi Sandy -- I guess it was Mrs. Jim who made me go, 'maybe.' [See my Jim's Little Blog today for that.]

I generally just occassionly lurk around your fine blog but will come out of the closet today for a pep talk:
you guys need helmets while riding those bikes!

I always wore mine even when the law didn't care. You guys are much pretty to be taking chances like you are doing. And don't worry about messing up your hair. Mine got messed up and the girls thought I was still handsome! Hair doesn't make the woman, but your head sure does.

So, you guys need helmets while riding those bikes!

Rachel told me to see your version of that nice visit.