Monday, May 21, 2007

Tomas & Motherkitty's Visit

This past weekend Motherkitty & Tomas came to visit us and just as soon as we finished eating lunch at Pa*paLeno's Restaur*ant, we went shopping. We walked to all the craft stores within walking distance in search of stained glass. My brother Dennis aka Tomas and Jimmy soon grew tired and made up some lame excuse to go home. After dropping them off at our house, Motherkitty and I set out on our shopping spree. Luckily for us, the Be*rea Interna*tional Fes*tival was going's very much like the Ar*ts & Cra*fts Fair, which I posted about in an earlier post some months back.

Although Berea is a small town, it always has something going on that will entertain you, and as Motherkitty and I were walking around we ran into these two belly dancers. We had to chase them down to get a picture and as it turned out, one of them recognized me. She said, "I know're Sandy and we went to college together over 30 years ago." And while she was saying that, I was thinking "what happened to me?? She looks pretty good for her age."
I don't know if Motherkitty or Dennis remember seeing this very large sculpture, of what looks like a trojan horse, but on the weekend it was surrounded by many booths. It is standing across the street from where the first picture was taken and today I went back and took this picture.

Here Jimmy is standing by Motherkitty's favorite booth...the booth that sold stained glass pictures. There were two stained glass booths and I think Motherkitty liked this booth the best because we came back to it on the last day of their visit, just before they headed home.

This is what I bought...It's a stained glass ladybug surrounded by copper tubing. It caught my attention because of a post that Kitten Yarn posted with a flower with a ladybug on it. Every since she posted that picture, I have been thinking about ladybugs.

Besides hanging out with Motherkitty and having lots of fun, I got to give my brother Dennis a long ride. As we were getting ready to go visit Brian, Reva & Brandon at the Boy Scout campout, Dennis told me to ask Motherkitty if she was ready to ride on my bike...Of course she said NO WAY, but not quite in those words. hehehe. Jimmy & Motherkitty drove and Dennis & I followed behind...way behind. I couldn't keep up with Motherkitty.
Here is Dennis in one piece sitting next to Brian...We have arrived at the camp-out. Brian made Dennis & Motherkitty a beautiful walnut bowl and was VERY disappointed that he wasn't going to get to see Dennis & Motherkitty this weekend. Brian gave me the bowl to give to them, and were they ever surprised when Motherkitty & Dennis showed up at their campsite!!! Motherkitty & Dennis were also disappointed that they were not going to get to see Brian & his family, so they made a point of driving out to the campsite.
Picture of Brian, Brandon & Reva

Motherkitty, Sharon, Dennis & Zac standing in front of his bike.

Zac, Sharon & Dennis
I shamefully didn't do any cooking during my brother's visit although I had planned on doing some. The first night out we were joined by Suzanne, Matt & Tori for supper and ate at one of our local Mexican food restaurants. Shamefully again, I didn't take any pictures that night...I just don't know what came over me...I always take pictures. It must have been all the excitement of having my brother & Motherkitty visit.
During their visit, we stayed up late and told stories and remembered times gone by. We woke up to coffee & tea and talked some more until it was time for lunch, then we would go out and eat breakfast or lunch and talk some more. Saturday evening we were joined by Sharon, Megan & Zac. Megan didn't stay long and being a teenager she had friends to see elsewhere. The rest of us went to O*Charley's for supper and had a great time visiting.
Jimmy & I had a great time and were sad when Motherkitty & Tomas said goodbye. We wished they could have stayed longer, but their kitties called to them. Hopefully we will have another visit with them in the very near future.


susan said...

It sounds like a great time was had by all! Good one, Sandy - no cooking!

"Early Bird" said...

I just love family reunions...looks like you had a good 'un...

Tomas Dennis said...

Yes we had a great time and we would like to have stayed longer but we gave the kittens a weekend indoors as Motherkitty did not want our oldest cat ourdoors. Some did stay outside because they ran out when our friend came on Friday.

Ava said...

Oh my gosh! Brandon has grown!!!!
Sounds like you had a great time. The stained glass is so pretty!!!!
You sure look good on that bike!!!!

Peter said...

Always good to catch up with family Sandy, did you try that belly dancing?

Susie said...

Glad you had a good time with MK and your brother. Family times are the best aren't they?
(It was also nice to "see" MK since she doesn't post much anymore) HINT

PEA said...

Loved hearing about your time together and seeing all the pictures. Hopefully it won't be too long before you guys can get together again:-) xox

Motherkitty said...

Sandy, thanks again for the great time. Can't wait to see you all really soon. We're going to see the expectant mother, SIL, and two grandbabies tomorrow. Ooooohhhhh, I'm gettin' nervous. Love ya.

P.S. The pool and the grill all ready and waiting for your visit.

Rachel said...

Oh, what a nice visit!! I enjoyed seeing all the great pictures!!

doubleknot said...

Such a nice family get together.
No cooking that is my idea of making it fun for all. You look very nice on your bike with Dennis.

Alipurr said...

Great post...wish we could have come too, but we will be seeing you soon enough....cause hopefully you guys will ride on over here after baby is born....i love the ladybug stained glass, very pretty (and the girls would love it too...when we find one, they fight over who gets to hold it for how long....then again that goes for earthworms, too, ha ha)

loved seeing all the happy family pics, so much fun...miss you

(oh, by the way, just woke up in the middle of the night and decided to take a shower, just in case, ha ha...not much happening, going back to bed soon)