Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's Day Ride

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day and I was entrusted, for the very first time, with my grandson Brandon. I practiced all last summer just for this occasion. Brandon usually rides in a sidecar on his dad's bike, but when I suggested that he ride with me, on the back of my bike they said that would be fine. Of course his parents stayed RIGHT behind me all the way and I'm sure it was to keep an eye on their precious cargo, which was seated behind me.
We didn't plan on a route and just headed out with me leading the way. I always have to lead ... they don't think I can keep up with them on their two wheelers and truthfully, I couldn't if they decided to ride fast on curvy roads. My bike is just no match to theirs, and with all the wheels I have, I really have to be careful and slow down on sharp curves. Now put me on an interstate highway and they can't keep up with me. hehehe
Since it was Brian & Reva's first time out riding this year, we made a lot of rest stops along the way. I usually try to stop at interesting places where we can walk around and enjoy the sights, but sometimes just a wide spot in the road or an empty parking lot will do.

Brandon took this opportunity to sit on his dad's bike. He's really grown taller these past few months and I'm wondering if he's going to fit in the sidecar anymore. He may have to trade places with his mom (Reva) who is now a few inches shorter than Brandon. Since it was planned for Brandon to ride with me, Brian didn't attach the sidecar to his bike and I'm sure they enjoyed their ride much better without it.

Knowing that I had a 12 year old as a passenger, I knew that I had to pick places to stop where Brandon could get off and enjoy himself. Kids aren't much for scenery although Brandon did tell me that he really enjoyed riding to the western side of the U.S. where things really looked different. He said we had too many trees here in Kentucky and he liked looking at rocks and deserts.

I didn't have time to take him to Arizona, so I stopped at a creek on Barnes Mill Road in Richmond, Kentucky....It has rocks and I know that little boys love rocks and water.

We stayed here for quite some time. The waterfalls here aren't very tall...maybe 8 feet tall and that's measuring from the top of the water below the falls. The creek is pretty wide and mostly shallow with a few deep pools for swimming here and there. I don't think it's listed anywhere on a map...it's just another creek and we have lots of creeks like these here in Kentucky.

Of course, Brian & Reva do what they always do...walk around holding hands and picking up pretty pebbles and rocks for their rock garden at home. In August Brian & Reva will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary and to watch them sometimes, you'd think they were on their honeymoon. They're so sweet!

Brandon spent his time skipping flat rocks across the water and I spent my time taking pictures and walking around. Jimmy went further down the creek to watch and talk with the people fishing for bass...or whatever they could catch.

I asked Brian & Reva to stop and pose for a picture before we left. I had taken all the pictures I wanted here and I was getting hungry. So I asked everybody if they were ready to go get something to eat and everyone ran for their bikes. Since Brandon loves chicken we went to Lee*s Fam*ous Re*cipe...they have an all you can eat buffet there. After stuffing our faces, we all needed a good nap, but decided that a good walk would be better...so I took them to Lake Reba which has a fine walking trail around the lake and ball fields.
This is about all the walking that was done. They headed straight for a nice spot on the grass with a long park bench. There was a steep grassy embankment near us and Brandon spent most of his time rolling down the hill to the edge of the water. We tried to get him to roll in, but he wouldn't. He knew that we were just kidding because close to him was a VERY LARGE SIGN that said, NO SWIMMING.

Jimmy is off walking around, Brandon is busy rolling down the embankment and I am taking pictures. Brian & Reva are enjoying the wildlife on the lake. I thought since it was Mother's Day that everyone would be at home celebrating or having cookouts, but I think everyone was here at the lake. I have never seen it this crowded before, but then I usually only come here to fish on weekdays when everyone else is at work.

See the bird in flight? You might have to click on the picture to get a better view. The water fowl have been provided with an Island out in the lake for nesting purposes. Part of the Island can be seen right above the bird in flight, extending to the right of the picture. Humans are not allowed on the Island and the reason I know that is because I read the signs posted on the Island from our small fishing boat.

The landing gear is about down...I only see one leg, but I'm sure the other will follow shortly.

Isn't it a pretty long legged, long necked, water bird? I'm hiding behind a tree taking these pictures.

The bird is in a stance and being very still. I'm assuming it's hunting for small fish in the water plants. As I tried to get in closer, I was spotted and the bird flew away...I should have just stayed still and waited for it to catch something.

There's the walking trail and I see Jimmy coming back.

Brian is looking down at Reva who can't get up because Brandon is holding her down, and since he's bigger, he's winning. The Canada Goose has come to see what all the commotion is all about. Usually when there is a commotion, it involves squealing kids who have food for the ducks.
As we were walking back to our bikes to continue on with our ride, we were delightfully surprised by a ringing bell...It was an ice cream truck and the first one I've seen in a long time. When I was a child in California, the Good Hu*mor Man would cruise down our street and I remember waiting in anticipation for his bell to get closer and closer. No one around here has ever heard of the Good Hu*mor truck and seldom do we see a roving ice cream truck of any kind. These kids just don't know what they're missing on a hot day. When my kids were young we lived in Lexington, Kentucky and I wonder if they remember the ice cream truck who cruised our street. They would get so excited and come running in for money to stop the truck...they could hear it from the next street over and knew that it was on its way.


PEA said...

Now that sounded like a perfect Mother's Day:-) I so envy you being able to ride around like that and see such beautiful sights!! I loved all the pictures and can't get over how green everything is over there!! xox

Susie said...

Lovely post and it looks like a perfect day! Brandon is getting big!!
I laughed at your Good Humor ice cream truck comment. We have them everywhere playing their music day and night. When "N" was little he loved to get ice cream from the truck.

Val said...

Thanks for taking us along on your Mother's Day ride.

It's good to see that even kids can like deserts as landscape, although I don't know if it's possible to have too many trees.

Your bird photos are wonderful, it looked quite large.

I remember the Good Humor trucks, it was a social occasion for us kids when the ice cream trucks came around. In the 50s there were so many kids (baby boomers!) and few people had two cars, so mothers and kids were at home in the new suburbs without transportation during the day. Lots of trucks came around then: fruit and vegies for example, and I can also remember trucks with rides. Simpler times.

Peter said...

What a great way to spend Mothers Day Sandy.

Kerri said...

What a great day you had! Thanks for sharing all these lovely pics and stories.
Such a sweet picture of Reva and Brian holding hands :)
Nice bird pics too. It sure looks pretty in Kentucky!

Tim Rice said...

Sounds like a fabulous day! I loved the post.

Rachel said...

What a lovely ride!! I have never been to that falls on Barnes Mill Road. I never got around much in that part of the county!! Lake Reba I have been to and I love that walking trail!