Monday, May 14, 2007

Taking It Easy

I jumped out of bed this morning and got ready to go somewhere. I couldn't quite decide which way to ride today and while I was making up my mind, Jimmy said we needed to go to the W-M Supercenter...we were out of food for the cats among other things of necessity. So off we went.

By the time we got home it was after 1:00 p.m. and I was hungry...I hadn't eaten any breakfast so I fixed myself a bowl of cherrios without any sugar. I always eat them that way. And by the time the cat feeders were filled I was no longer in the mood to go anywhere, so we just stayed home and relaxed in the yard. We rode all day yesterday anyway, so staying at home today seemed like a restful thing to do. My muscles could use the rest anyway.

While resting in the yard I took some pictures...I always take pictures and everyone who knows me knows that I carry my camera in my pocket so I won't miss anything...That is, anything that's not moving too fast! The Poppy below opened up this morning and the orange petals don't look quite real. They look like crepe paper to me, don't they? I'd love to have more of these but they don't last long. They bloom and then the plant dies...that sucks.
I took a break and went inside to catch a soap opera which I haven't seen in some time, just to see if anything has happend and of course, not much had changed. I think you can miss them for months and not much changes. Anyway....when I came back outside there was Jimmy, no doubt telling the cats one of his stories. The cats look mesmerized, don't they? It must have been a really interesting story because they all look so relaxed and are smiling, hehehe. I took this picture through the glass of the back door before I stepped outside.
Of course when Jimmy saw me with the camera, he just had to poke at Jybow and as you can see in the picture below, she had something to say about that and didn't like it much. She jumped off the hammock and left. I really think Jimmy didn't want to seem like he was sitting there enjoying the company of the cats so much. But he can't fool anybody...we all know he loves them...Especially Jybow!!

A Cardinal came to eat while I was within camera range. The pictures aren't as crisp & clear as I would like them to be, but with the help of the computer I was able to bring the bird in a little closer.

Here's another picture of the Cardinal.

I even managed to get this picture of a woodpecker. He was very cooperative and let me take several pictures of him. Of course, here again the computer came to my aid in cropping the pictures to bring the woodpecker in for closer viewing. He's getting to be a regular here at the feeders and he doesn't like to stand straight up and eat. One of the feeders is large enough for him to stand right in the feeder and eat in an upright position, but he just won't use that feeder even though it has the same kind of feed in it. The Cardinal above is eating from that feeder and will eat from any of them, no matter what kind of feed are in the feeders...He's not picky.

The woodpecker also likes to sit on top of this feeder. He used to peck around on the Ash tree, but since I hung the feeders up, he doesn't bother the tree anymore. He does go back to the creek and we can hear his loud rapid pecking on the trees back there. My daughter Suzanne is having a problem with a woodpecker. It seems to want to constantly peck on her roof and when it's not pecking there, it's pecking on a piece of metal on the telephone pole.

The woodpecker is hungry again. Jimmy calls them "Peckerwoods." I think that's really funny, but I've heard several other people around here call them Peckerwoods too. That must be some sort of country slang...kinda like the lightning bug and firefly.
I have several pictures that I took on our ride yesterday (Mother's Day) which I'll post some other time. I hope everyone had an enjoyable Mother's Day and that you got to spend it with your children.


Rachel said...

Hi Sandy!! Great picture of Jimmy in the hammock with the cats for company!!

I love the poppies but they just don't last very long at all. What a shame, since they are so beautiful!

I love all your pictures and the peckerwood is cute too! I have heard them called both but I usually use woodpecker! We have one that visits our feeder sometimes.

Val said...

I too give my vote for that picture of Jimmy in the hammock.

My mom has been watching the soaps since the 50s, before that she listened to them on the radio (Guiding Light). She says even in THAT time not much has changed!

susan said...

It looks like a nice relaxing day, love all the pictures. Don't you wish the weather would stay this mild so we could sit in the yard all summer?

Ava said...

Great pictures! And isn't it great to just have some leisure time once in a while??

PEA said...

Oh Sandy what fabulous pictures of the birds and I love those pictures of Jimmy with the can be such softies when they let themselves:-) That poppy is just gorgeous and you're right, you'd swear it's made of crepe paper! My poppies are only a couple of inches out of the ground yet so it will be a while before they bloom! xox

"Early Bird" said...

So glad you stayed home and rested or we wouldn't have got to enjoy all of your pictures...
Peckerwood is what my family calls someone that is acting stupid...teehee!

Kerri said...

Poppies are so beautiful!
That's a great picture of Jimmy with the cats. I can see they're enjoying each other's company :)
I love your bird pics and descriptions. It's so interesting to watch their antics, isn't it? The woodpeckers peck on metal or wood to call a mate...they'll stop when they find one I guess. We're hearing them too. I love the sound, but it must be annoying on a roof or pole close by. Argh!
I wish the cardinals would visit us more often. They only come occasionally.